Cheap Driving Instructors in Salford

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Cheap Driving Instructors in Salford

Cheap Driving Instructors in Salford

How To Save Your £500 or More...

Alrighty... you want cheap driving lessons in Salford, but you will have never ever seen anything as radical as this before because if you have never started to learn to drive you could be saving around £900. And that kicks ass over these driving schools in Salford trying to help you save a couple of quid on a lesson.

So How Are You Going To Do This?

There are 3 areas where you can save around £300 a time, and if you don't believe us; go and ask other driving schools in Salford how much each of these can cost you.
Ok so here goes for cheap driving lessons in Salford  you can save on these three learning zones.

1. £300 saved if you don't skip lessons and faff around taking poxy one hour lessons, once a week. Ramp them up! Take 2 lessons a week and for the love of your pocket, take at least a 90 minute lesson, 2 hours if your backside doesn't go numb!

2. £300 saved on not needing to insure you parents car and pay for fuel and cover the cost of wear and tear. Just 3 months of driving in mum and dads cat at £30 a week, can cost you £400 or more, but we are being a bit more conservative.

3. You are going to save £300 when you pass your driving test first time

So hold on, thats a shed load of cash.
Yeah dam right it is, and its time you took action and called us now.
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